GRABNER is the only manufacturer of inflatable boats and air filled products in the German speaking region that applies heat vulcanisation production technologies.

Years ago, there were many manufacturers of boats using cold bonding processes, but there were also rubber-factories that produced heat vulcanised inflatable boats and similar products. For reasons of demand, that everything had to become cheaper, all have ceased production in Europe, turning to PVC alternatives -Made in China-. Even well established brand names disappeared from the market, either by company insolvency, or simply by cessation of production. It would appear, that European brands were no longer produced in Europe.

By takeover of the SEMPERIT inflatable boat manufacturing company, as well as the production plants of the German METZELER boat manufacturer, plus the product range of BIG PACK, GRABNER continued as the sole remaining manufacturer, holding up the tradition in the German speaking region. Quality conscientious people appreciate the benefit of boats of highest European quality standard still being available, and that production specials can be flexible and obtained and at short notice.

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